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Using Dotfiles

A dotfiles repository is a Git repository that contains your developer environment preferences in the form of static files and setup scripts.

Having a dotfiles repo is important if you want your changes and customizations to Coder persisted. All content outside of your home directory is lost when your environment is turned off or rebuilt. We recommend configuring a dotfiles repo (which Coder then clones to your home directory) to ensure that your preferences are applied whenever your environment turns on.

Adding Your Dotfiles Repo to Coder

You can provide a link to your dotfiles repo that's hosted with the Git provider of your choice under User Preferences:

The Account tab under User Preferences

  1. In the top-right, click on your username to display the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. You'll be redirected to the Account tab. At the bottom, provide your Dotfiles Git URI.
  4. Click Update Preferences.

You'll see your preferences applied the next time you rebuild your environment.

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Using Dotfiles

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