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About Coder

Coder Enterprise automatically configures, secures, and powers an organization's development environments, allowing developers to focus on their projects and the end product.

Coder's pre-configured environments allow project organization members to define what language version and tooling are required to provide consistency across the organization and to allow new members to onboard and contribute.

These pre-configured environments are the foundation of Coder's Dev Environments as Code paradigm, allowing a project's language and tooling dependencies to be source controlled along with the code itself.

With Coder Enterprise, engineers can continue using the development tools, CI/CD pipelines, source code management systems, and editors they know and love while leveraging the power of cloud and automation.

How Do I Get Coder for My Organization?

Contact our team to discuss how Coder Enterprise can help your organization and to gain access to the platform.

If you are interested in setting up remote development environments by yourself using our open-source tools, please see code-server and sshcode.

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About Coder

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