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Installation & Setup

The following steps will walk you through the process of installing Coder onto your Kubernetes cluster.


Before proceeding, please ensure that you've installed the following dependencies:

Installing Coder

  1. Add the Coder helm repo

    helm repo add coder
  2. Install the helm chart into the cluster

    helm install --namespace coder coder coder/coder --version 1.9.0
  3. After the pod is created, start tailing the logs to find the randomly generated password for the admin user

    kubectl logs -l coder.deployment=cemanager -c cemanager --tail=-1 | grep -A1 -B2 Password

    When the manager is finished setting up, you will see something like this:

    User:     admin
    Password: kvhvm43nq8k3

    These are the credentials you will use to set up the platform using Coder's web UI.

  4. Run the following to find the IP address needed to access the Web UI by listing the Kubernetes services running

    kubectl --namespace coder get services
    NAME            TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP      PORT(S)                       AGE
    ingress-nginx   LoadBalancer   80:32534/TCP,443:31916/TCP    3h55m

    The ingress-nginx service should provide an EXTERNAL-IP that routes the requests to the cemanager and envproxy services.

  5. In your browser, navigate to the external IP of ingress-nginx, upload the license as JSON, and use the credentials to log in to the platform.

  6. If this is the first time that you've logged in, you'll be prompted to create a new password for the system admin user.

Configuring Your Coder Deployment

When you log in to Coder's Web UI using the credentials obtained during the installation process, you will be walked through a configuration dashboard where you can specify the authentication method used for logins, provide your licenses, etc.

Once you complete the configuration process, you'll be redirected to the main Coder deployment dashboard, where you can create new users, images, and environments.

Best Practices

  • The default values provided by Coder are acceptable only by a deployment used for valuation purposes.
  • After completing the configuration process, we recommend creating an admin user that can be used to create additional users and resources. We recommend using the system admin user only for initial configuration purposes.

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Installation & Setup

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