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Coder deployments hook into Docker Registries to pull images and manage the images' metadata. You can hook into any public or private registry, but you may need to provide authentication credentials to use a secured registry.

Admin users can add registries and remove them if they're not in use.

Adding a Registry

You can add registries during the process of adding images

To import an image, go to Images and select Import Image in the upper-right. In the dialog that opens, you'll be prompted to pick a registry; however, to add a registry, click Add a new registry, which is located immediately below.

You'll be asked to provide:

  • A name for your new registry
  • The registry
  • A username and password combination (if needed for access to the registry)

Then, continue with the process of adding your image. When done, click Import.

Deleting a Registry

To delete a registry, navigate to the Images > Registries page. Find the registry that you'd like to remove, click its horizontal ellipses icon and select Delete.


Environments Depend on Registries

Registries cannot be deleted if there are environments using images from that registry.

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